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Princess is proud to partner with a few exclusive brands who share our vision and brand values, and deliver exceptional experiences to their customers.

Marine Conservation Society


With a shared passion for sustainability and ocean conservation, we have partnered with Ecoworks Marine to help tackle the challenge of creating a more environmentally friendly approach to yacht cleaning. In a first for the industry, Ecoworks Marine have developed their 'Preserve the Living Seas' range, a unique collection of cleaning products that are fully biorenewable, quickly biodegradable and sustainably formulated.


We were honoured to become the first luxury yacht manufacturer to officially collaborate with the Marine Conservation Society. It’s our way to support and sustain marine ecology, securing an environment for future generations to discover and explore.


As we evolve our technology offering on each and every Princess, our partnership with Naim provides world class audio visual systems that continue to rewrite the audiophile rule book.


As purveyors of exceptional in-water experiences, SEABOB (CAYAGO AG) were a perfect match. To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we collaborated with SEABOB to create a limited edition collection which was the start of a unique relationship with this successful marine brand. After the success of this initial project, we launched the ‘Volcano’ limited edition, the sales of which, also supports the essential work of the Marine Conservation Society.

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