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R/Evolution - An Entirely New Class of Yacht

Princess R Class: Start of a R/Evolution
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An Entirely New Class of Yacht


Provocative, cutting edge, exhilarating - 35ft in length, fully carbon fibre, powered with V8 engines and with an impressive top speed of 50 knots - announcing the highly anticipated, all-new R Class.

Princess Yachts are proud to have partnered with BAR Technologies and Pininfarina to bring a whole new breed of yacht to market with the very latest in advanced technology and naval architecture. The all-new R Class will feature the unique Princess Active Foil System (AFS) and deliver the fastest and most efficient Princess boating experience to date. The striking exterior reflects one of the most compelling and innovative designs we have ever created and conceals a spacious cabin within. Featuring a well equipped galley and seating area, with the added flexibility to convert to a generous double berth, further complemented by an ensuite.

This ground breaking new yacht remains a true Princess at heart with the same level of comfort, practicality and seakeeping found on any other Princess yacht, combined with the very latest design thinking from the Princess Design Studio and progressive performance technology.

The all-new R35 - an entirely new class of yacht.

First Review

"The 50-knot R35 isn't just the fastest Princess yet, it's also the most radical thanks to a state-of-the-art active foiling system."

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R/Evolution - A new class of yacht from Princess
Experience the R/Evolution
Princess R Class: Start of a R/Evolution

The History of Dazzle Camouflage

Throughout the early development of our revolutionary new R35 secrecy was of the utmost importance, so when the time came to sea trial the prototype it raised the question - how do you disguise a yacht on water? For the answer we looked to Plymouth’s rich naval heritage.

Dazzle is a marine camouflage conceived in the early 20th century by former art student, Norman Wilkinson, while serving as an officer in the British Royal Navy in Plymouth, England. Designed to confuse rather than conceal, the unique geometric design of the dazzle camouflage was credited with saving many vessels during World War 2 by making it difficult for enemy craft to judge the speed, direction and size of a ship. The first full scale use of dazzle was applied at the historic naval dockyard in Plymouth which today is the home of our M Class superyachts.

Third year students at the Plymouth College of Art were commissioned to create a unique dazzle design for the R Class, with the final design being supplied by student Katie Sheppard, who took inspiration from Wilkinson’s original concept as well as modern-day influences including Austrian illusionist Peter Koglers and the Fiera Milano exhibition centre.

Experience the R/EVOLUTION

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